The County Fair

(The Gold Dust is a compilation of the writings of Ora Moss Morgan Sonora, Ca 1933 – 1950)

So we are going to have a County Fair – what a fine thing that will be _ exhibits of our country products – a horse show – with prizes and everything! Why – just the name County Fair brings to me memories of the Fairs we used to hold in Sonora – they were great institutions running for several days, and every man, women and child in the county attended.

I remember the big exhibit was in the Opera Hall and it was full to overflowing – everything pertaining to household art, both old and new – cooking, preserved fruits, and jellies – can’t you see the displays, row upon row all done so perfectly, it fairly made your mouth water, and first prizes on everything. Then fancy-work quilts, dozens of them, the quilt craze is with us again and I believe if we had another quilt exhibit, we would have some wonders.

Then there were fruits and vegetables. I can remember cling peaches from the Goodwin Ranch, pink and white and weighing almost a pound each (so they said); then vegetables, so clean and shiny, you would never dream  they ever touched the ground – beets and turnips as large as dinner plates. There were grains and minerals – always a beautiful gold exhibit. The Bonanza Mine was going good about that time as well as other local mines, so the gold exhibit was a great attractions.

Gay days they were – those Fair days – everybody knew everybody – there greetings from warm hearts and true hearts.