In A Sweet Country Town

So you ask for the Christmas of our childhood days? My, it seems only yesterday that we were romping, happy, carefree youngsters, eagerly waiting for Christmas Day to come; we roamed the nearby hills, gathering holly berries and mistletoe to help decorate the house; and it was sweet and homey.

Today everything is made to order – artificial and beautiful – you just buy and put them up – glittering and gorgeous, but I wonder if children today get the real thrill that was ours with the simple homemade garlands?

Sonora was just a sweet little country town then, everybody knew everybody – everybody knew how many beaus Mary had – and who was going to get married and who was going to have a baby – and all were interested; people visited neighbors and friends – now they are too busy so they telephone; today the world is too busy – we do not have time to see the ones we know and love. Why – it seems to me we used to accomplish so much and still had time to do the thoughtful, friendly acts.

Mundorf’s was another fascinating place at Christmas – and lighted with just flickering oil lamps – they seemed so bright to us; and the drug store windows with huge round jars or bottles – red, blue and green – so colorful; I have never known the significance of these in the drug store windows or what was in them.

I remember on Christmas Day all the old bachelor miners would come into town – they would sit on the benches along the street and perhaps have dinner at a hotel or restaurant – and too, they hoped to be treated to a Christmas drink – Tom and Jerry. I recall so many of those lonely old men I knew from childhood who lived along Wood’s Creek and on Bald Mountain; on this day were dressed in their best clothes- wearing often a nugget watch chain.

And we do not forget those delicious home cooked Christmas dinners – everything homemade – no cans or packaged goods in those days – and no one could prepare and season things like Mother.

Yes – we all love to think of those carefree days when the whole world smiled because it was Christmas – the happy family circle still unbroken – no vacant chairs. I am glad I knew these simple Christmases, but I will join with my family and kiddies in a modern Christmas celebration and like it.